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NanoRepro AG is an innovative leader in development, manufacturing and distribution of CE-certified rapid diagnostic tests (self-tests) and food supplements for both, home and professional use, in the domestic and international markets. Since October 2008, NanoRepro has been publicly listed with its headquarters located in Marburg, Germany.

Our goal is to provide accuracy in self-diagnostics for rapid disease detection.

Self-diagnostics is a fast growing market shaped by the ever-increasing health conscious of the population and healthcare spending. Our rapid diagnostic tests offer significant advantages over all available competitive products due to our flexibility in product design, in-depth market understanding and best practices of just-in-time manufacturing. Our most important success factor is continuous optimization of manufacturing costs. We create values for our customers, shareholders and employees.

The company has currently 20 rapid diagnostic tests within the portfolio addressing various healthcare needs (family planning, preventive healthcare, allergies, infectious diseases, and point of care).

Products intended for home-use

























GraviQUICK Frühtest












Food Supplements Alphabiol Fertility, Alphabiol Pregnancy, Alphabiol Hair Plus, Alphabiol Skin & Hair, Alphabiol Cranberry, Alphabiol Menopause


B2B Products:


Troponin I Test, Strep A-Test, Influenza A/B Test, Albumin Dipstick-Tube Test, D-Dimer Test

Philosophy and Vision

NanoRepro AG aims to provide the modern innovative rapid diagnostic tests of high-quality for the preventive health-care of every person. We belong to the leading German manufacturers in the sector of self-diagnostics.

In today's world there is an increasing interest in rapid diagnostic tests, and so the demand for such products is growing continuously. The steady raise of this medical market segment is expected in the future.

NanoRepro´s strong and experienced management and partner team ensures innovation strength, product quality and delivery security. Our employees are professionally trained in their field and thus, contribute to the success of the company. In order to meet the high quality requirements, our scientists are working closely with the institutions such as Philipps University of Marburg and Technical University of Munich. In terms of production, the company has a strong and exclusive strategic partnership with a highly experienced German manufacturer specialized in the field of rapid diagnostic tests. With regard to product design and marketing, we ensure maximum flexibility and short time to market. One of our key success factors is the continuous optimization of production costs.

NanoRepro AG is a highly interesting trade partner in regard to the possibility for the exclusive right of sales agreement.

NanoRepro AG aims to create an ever-growing value for its customers, shareholders and employees.


Management Board
Lisa Jüngst, CEO

Lisa Jüngst has been within works at NanoRepro AG since 2006. In April 2013, she was elected to the Board of Directors, and prior to that she had been responsible for the marketing, finance and personnel department as well as investor relations. In 2006, Lisa Jüngst was the first employee of the company, and so she brought the first rapid test of NanoRepro AG to market.

Lisa Jüngst studied business management at the University of Fulda. In 2006 she successfully graduated from the university with a degree in business administration. In addition, Lisa Jüngst is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance.

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