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  Don Lavoie is alcohol programme manager at Public Health England and Gul Root is lead...
Don Lavoie is alcohol programme manager at Public Health England and Gul Root is lead pharmacist, Health and Wellbeing Directorate, Public Health England
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ZeniPowerMarch 14 2016

A recall for ZeniPower mercury-free hearing aid batteries has been issued due to a low risk of the batteries exploding during use or if depleted.

Only batches with the best before dates of ‘08-2018’ and ‘09-2018’ are affected, and the expiry date is shown on the outer blister packaging, said the medical safety alert from the MHRA.

The affected ZeniPower products are as follows:

Manufacturer product code Description
A675P MF R44 zinc air size 675 for cochlear implants
A675 MF R44 zinc air size 675
A13 MF R48 zinc air size 13
A312 MF R41 zinc air size 312
A10 MF R70 zinc air size 10

“The problem is caused by excessive gassing, as the zinc electrode reacts with the electrolyte to generate hydrogen. The battery may expand and possibly explode on rare occasions. This issue affects all types of ZeniPower mercury-free batteries listed above,” said the MHRA.

It is advising that all cochlear implant and hearing aid patients should be made aware of the medical device alert and should not use the affected batteries.


MHRA medical safety alert

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