Umesh Modi is a chartered accountant, and Pamini Jatheeskumar is a chartered certified accountant at Silver Levene...
  Don Lavoie is alcohol programme manager at Public Health England and Gul Root is lead...
Don Lavoie is alcohol programme manager at Public Health England and Gul Root is lead pharmacist, Health and Wellbeing Directorate, Public Health England
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rifadinMay 9 2016

A class 2 drug recall for a batch of Rifadin (rifampicin) infusion 600mg, manufactured by Aventis Pharma Ltd trading as Sanofi, has been issued.

Sanofi has issued the recall for the powder vial and 10ml solvent, with batch number A5545 and expiry date September 30 2019. It was first distributed on February 2.

The recall has been prompted “because an investigation of out of trend results indicated that it was contaminated with chilled water circulating in the jacket of the reactor during manufacture,” said the medicines regulator, the MHRA.
“Pharmacists are asked to quarantine any remaining stock of this batch and return it to the original supplier.”

Further information is available from Sanofi Medical Information Department on 0845 3727101 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


MHRA announcement

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