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  Don Lavoie is alcohol programme manager at Public Health England and Gul Root is lead...
Don Lavoie is alcohol programme manager at Public Health England and Gul Root is lead pharmacist, Health and Wellbeing Directorate, Public Health England
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nitviewNovember 10 2014

A head lice comb that incorporates a UV light to make head lice fluoresce for easier detection has been launched. The Nitview Ledcomb also has a detachable comb with micro-channelled teeth for the effective removal of lice, eggs and nits.

“The product takes advantage of the natural characteristic of chitin, a polysaccharide found in insect and arthropod exoskeletons, to emit ultraviolet light. When a UV light is shone onto lice and their eggs they fluoresce and become highly visible. This makes their detection, and hence removal from the hair, much easier,” says the distributor, Allergy Kids.

It points out that the UV light can also be detached to check the hair, clothing and bedclothes for lice.

Stephen Wardle is the managing director of Allergy Kids, which has sole distribution rights for the product in the UK.

“Head lice are a perennial problem for families with school age children,” he said. “We know that headlice are able to develop resistance to chemical insecticides and many parents don’t like using them. The wet-combing method, also known as ‘bug-busting’, has been shown to be as effective as chemical insecticides when carried out correctly.

“Our product can be used to improve the detection of lice and eggs during wet-combing thereby improving the chances of successful treatment and reducing the risk of a relapse.”

The launch is backed with user research (Nitfocus survey; Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi, 27/6/2013). In a survey of 1,584 families who used Nitview Ledcomb, “94% said the product helped them to remove lice and nits successfully and 90% would recommend it to friends and family.”

The survey also found that 69% of respondents said they had noticed a reduction in relapses of head lice infestation since using Nitview Ledcomb.

The RRP for Nitview Ledcomb is £25. For all trade enquiries email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nitview Ledcomb

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