a dispensary shelves imageJune 28 2018

The Department of Health and Social Care will have new powers to request information about the prices and costs of products used in the NHS.

Under the Health Service Products (Provision and Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2018, the DHSC will be able to ask community pharmacy contractors about the volume and prices of medicines used in dispensing, with the aim of better controlling the drugs budget. The regulations will also allow the DHSC to ask for further information from manufacturers and suppliers.

PSNC has highlighted two key aspects of the regulations: 

  • pharmacy contractors will be required “to record and keep relevant information on the price and volume of medicines, appliances and borderline substances dispensed for the NHS and provide this to the DHSC in response to a written request”;
  • contractors will have to “provide any relevant information on the costs of distributing or supplying a medicine or appliance associated with NHS dispensing, in response to an information notice from the DHSC.”

Further information is set out in the PSNC Briefing 034/18.

PSNC announcement    
The Health Service Products (Provision and Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2018 
PSNC Briefing 034/18